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Background into our industry

Olfad-GS is a business consulting company, created to render effective business solutions to SMEs and MSMEs, this is due to the increasing challenges that undermine the growth and sustainability of SMEs and MSMEs. We are focused on providing well defined business solutions that enhance the seamles and effortless operations of business.

We are an integrated service company in Nigeria established to enable positive growth in various companies using our skills in Oil and Gas, Brokerage and Merchandising, Agriculture, Property Development and Corporate Advisory, to promote positive impact in dynamic business sectors and to bridge the gap in the economic sector .

As consumer desires and trends change, so businesses are expected to adapt new business models to meet their clients’ needs. At Olfad Global Solutions, we recognize this fact, and we have adopted a business model that concentrates on meeting the demand of our clients through our strategic business modules.


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With a selection of our thought leadership white papers by some of the world’s leading

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With a selection of our thought leadership white papers by some of the world’s leading

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With a selection of our thought leadership white papers by some of the world’s leading

 Key components
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Delivering creative edge in key sectors of the economy for meximum profit…

Established in 2017, Olfad Global Soultions Ltd it was created to carry on business in major key sectors of the economy , it is a competitive and service oriented company focused on providing bespoke business services. Olfad Global Solutions, is an organization committed to providing services in oil and gas, marine, agriculture, brokerage and merchandising, corporate advisory and property management services.

We deliver that creative edge that positions businesses for maximum return on their investments.

We are dedicated to satisfy clients

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We provide services in key areas of the economy making sure that we deliver solutions that meets our client’s needs.

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We provide exceptional Financial commercial and residential properties corporate environments,

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     Our Services

Oil & Gas

We are in this key sector of the economy, particularly in the procurement of oilfield, servicing equipment’s and maintenance. Also, marketing and distribution of petroleum products .


We provide clean and affordable farm produce, with an advanced methodology for improved productivity and food security.

Brokerage & Merchandizing

Our firm serves as an intermediary and negotiator between buyers and sellers. We act as an intermediary in the value chain by creating a sustainable business venture based on market overview and acceptability of standard business modules.

Corporate Advisory

We offer advice on corporate matters, financing solutions for public and private companies. Also offering services in key sectors of the economy with experienced advisers and partners in areas such as business syndication, real estate, construction etc.

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