A Note from the




In the year 2021, during my sojourn in the United Kingdom, I found himself disturbed about the state of the Nigerian church as I drove home from work one evening. I said in my heart, “God I might has well just go to the youth and students in Nigeria”.

Upon getting home, that night, I was visited by the Lord in a dream of the night. In the vision, I found himself in Aso Rock which is the office of every sitting Nigerian President, and as I walked through the corridors of power in the villa, I observed a divine being.

The being had the form of one who may be described as the Leading Elder in the Body of Christ in Nigeria at this time, and the elder was in conversation with another being, when I saw him. Suddenly, the Elder beckoned to me and in astonishment, I moved reverently towards him and knelt down.

As I got to him, he said to me; “that is the real work” referring to my earlier contemplations and thoughts of going to the youth and students in Nigeria. He went on to say to me “and don’t worry, you will not die until the work is done”. With this, the Elder dropped His hands on my right shoulder and I woke from sleep .


Student Evangelism & Discipleship

Student Evangelism and Discipleship is central to our thrust and trajectory. This we do by organising seminars and conferences in different tertiary institutions in Nigeria with the hope to soon take it beyond.

The Discipleship Thrust team travels round Nigerian campuses all year round conducting deliverance sessions, organizing discipleship forums with a free supply of edifying material and leading students to Christ.


Annual Christian Student Camp Meeting

The annual christian students camp meetings are every year in the month of May. This conference sees students from different tertiary institutions in Nigeria converging under a 4-day Holy Spirit filled atmosphere.

Students from different parts of Nigeria are transported, accommodated and fed at no cost to them instead, the conference is funded by the generous giving of Kingdom Partners.


DTI Regional Conference

Dividing the nation into zones, the Discipleship Thrust conference and seminars are strategically targeted at different groups of people and students at different times of the year.